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I just can not find the time to write this but to keep you amused please find some clips below.

Video Clips from an Observation Hive:

They are all in Windows media format (wmv).


Queen Piping

Close up of a virgin queen on the surface of a un-emerged sisters cell.  Note how the actual fall & rise of the queens piping sound is caused by the insect rocking back and forth using the surface of the cell as a sound box as she oscillates her flight muscles.  Have your speakers on to hear the sound and set the video to loop.

Click Here to see clip (170kB)


Bees Swarming

These movie clips shows just what a chaotic process swarming 'seems' to be when viewed from inside the colony.  Now how do the bees decide on who goes and who stays, have a look for yourself.  notice how the queen is harassed by the other bees to join the swarm.  She does not lead the swarm but is almost forced to join it as a reluctant guest.  The entrance to that hive is at the top by the way. 


Click Here to see clip (4MB)


Queen Misbehaving

The mechanism that decides wither a virgin queen either goes with a caste swarm or becomes the new queen of the colony by first killing her sisters is more complex than bee books tell you.  This clip shows a virgin queen 'attempting' to bite through a sister queen's queen cell to sting her to death (ok so far by the book), but as you will see the bees have other plans and very carefully drag her away time and time again preventing her from what she instinctively wants to do.


Click Here to see clip (4MB)


Varroa on bees

It is easy to see the stress the bees are under by observing their attempts to self groom the mites from their bodies, always unsuccessfully.


Click Here to see clip (1MB)


Wax building & pollen

Every wondered how bees build their wax cell and how they load them with pollen and wax.  This clip shows the bees constructing cells up against glass and how they deposit pollen pellets and nectar.  Look out for the bits of wax falling whilst they are building the cells and how the bees below catch it and use it themselves.


Click Here to see clip (4MB)


Grooming & General stuff

these are some of my favourite shots showing the TLC the flying bees get after a hard day on the wing.  Look out how much attention gets paid to that awkward area between the body segments and the leading edge of the wings gets a good wipe too.

Click Here to see clip (3MB)

MkII Observation Hive:

MkII? ... Well no surprises...this is my second attempt at designing a observation hive.

MkIII Observation Hive

This is my latest design and is a composite of glass, aluminium and wood.  It deserves a long write up and plans but until I get around to it you can download all the close up construction photographs by clicking HERECaution the zip file runs to 4.2MB