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Hi, this is the home page of Graham & Annie Law.  We Live in Leicestershire England and have a house at the edge of the Charnwood Forest area of the county. We are lucky to have pleasant green countryside around our small village. We both work, I am the Technical Manager at the National Space Centre and Annie is a nurse at the nearby Leicester Royal Infirmary hospital.

We have a reasonably large garden for the UK with two big ponds. We also keep honey bees however they tend to move around to suit the local crops, although there is a glass observation hive full of bees in our dining room to upset our guests. 

We also have a 1929 Austin Seven & a Parrot called 'Ruby' see links above.

Have a look around the ground floor of our house and find the observation hive, click of the flowers to zoom in or open doors.  Click Here for a tour.



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