Rubys Chatterings

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Here are just a few examples of our talking three year old African Grey parrot Ruby

(Rhubarb when she good)


All the audio files are mp3 & the videos are in wmv format: Enjoy


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    Name Stuff:

N10 Big Tummy Ruby Monster Ruby's fun description of herself
N20 Madam Rhubarb (French accent) When she is feeling particularly superior this is how she refers to herself
N30 What's your name - I'm Rhubarb  
N31 Whats your name? Madam Rhubarb (French accent)  
N32 Water? When she sees or wants a drink
N71 Chocolate Cheese she made this up from knowing chocolate (candy really) & when we gave her orange candy she figured it was well...chocolate cheese.
N72 Hey Up Dilys! Her greeting to our friend Dilys
N73 Monty Monty is another African Grey Parrot that she knows

    Greetings & Farewells:

GF10 Byeeee
GF11 Night Night
GF12 Good Morning
GF13 Hello - silly voice This high voice is a mystery as to where it came from.
GF20 Hey-up! Hey-up means 'Hi there' in parts of the UK
GF21 Hey up mi-duck! As above but 'mi-duck' is colloquial for 'my darling'
GF22 Hey-up commander! She calls my wife Annie 'Commander'
GF23 Hey-up Daddy I'm Daddy
GF30 Bye See You later This is really a two way conversation that we have when I am leaving
GF31 See you later Byeee We get that when we leave the house

     Questions & Requests:

Q10 Come on then? Used extensively when she want something done
Q11 Come On - Poo stick The 'Poo Stick' is a special perch that she knows to use for toilet duties and requests when first out her cage.
Q12 Pooh stick Please
Q20 Common - Lets go for a walk She enjoys putting on her harness and going outside 'for a walk'
Q21 Do you want to go for a walk -hahaha...
Q30 Tickle my neck
Q40 Cashew nut please? Request for a special treat which can change to 'WANT CASHEW NUT! if unfulfilled.
Q50 What's your name + How old are you? If you ask her this you usually get a correct reply and she expects the same.
Q60 What's that? A question only used when something absolutely new is seen for the first time.
Q61 Can We go and see auntie Pam? Auntie Pam is the lady that looks after Ruby on the occasions we go on holiday without her.
Q62 Im going for a bath That's a laugh: she hates water
Q63 Right you stay there She's quite bossy
Q64 Tickle my head 'Please' would improve this request
Q65 Where Annie? Annie is my wife and is constantly wound up by Ruby
Q66 You be good
Q67 You eat your dinner Something we encourage when we sit down to eat but now we get it back as a command to us.
Q70 Are we going to the club? she likes visiting the local parrot club
Q71 Are all right? ok?
Q72 Want yogurt pot, yogurt pot please She likes still wet cardboard yogurt pots to lick out and destroy
Q73 Rubys' turn! A request to come out her cage instead of our cockatiel
Q74 Water! This can be an observation when she sees water or a request for water
Q75 Harness On ? A request to have her harness put on so she can go outside for fun

    Observations the bird makes:

Ob10 Brrrrr cold A comment usually looking out the window in winter
Ob20 Its a Beautiful Cage After a successful Sunday cage revamp
Ob30 Rubys a good girl Ha - occasionally
Ob31 Beautiful wings! Modesty has never been an issue
Ob32 Bad Girl Cage she know when she's been naughty and what the consequences are
Ob33 Bad that was Bad ditto
Ob34 Im in trouble Almost always used correctly in context
Ob35 Screech Quiet cover On Big Gob A sequence that shows her recognising that she is being too loud , calls herself 'a Big Gob' and suggest that the (cage) cover should go on.
Ob36 Too Loud Bad Girl cover on Similar
Ob37 Terrible! She says this with great feeling when something is not to her liking
Ob38 There's a Bird ! eh.. when she sees a bird - usually Poppy the Cockatiel
Ob39a ooooahhh? Sorry can't spell - that but it is a noise she makes when something REALLY interests her
Ob39b ooooahhh- what's that? ditto
Ob40 What's that? ditto
Ob41 Beautiful Cage! Only if she likes it
Ob42 That's Better
Ob43 That was a good walk A 'walk' can be a stroll around the neighbourhood, a visit to the pub or a drive in the car.
Ob44 I enjoyed that - that was a good walk ditto
Ob45 Whats that?  - Rubys's TV Observing me putting a miniature TV set into her newly cleaned cage
Ob46 I'm on Holiday - meoww - quack quack When we have taken her on holiday she gives each style of holiday a sound name - So going to our friends house for a few gives 'Im on Holiday - meoww' and 'quack quack' was a narrow boat holiday.
Ob47 That's Better! Speaks for itself, example when coming out of a small travel cage
Ob71 I can see ya!  (you) Well.. when she can through a hole in her cage cover for example
Ob77 Its a bit Brrr cold - ha hah She made this up from hearing me say - "It's a bit cold"  and  "Brrrr it's cold"

   Two way Conversations:

TW1 Being naughty (wmv format) I'm in the next room to Ruby, so my voice is a bit quieter
TW2 Bye See You later A typical interaction when I'm leaving
TW3 Human: Did you Enjoy your walk? She had just been for a 'walk' on my shoulder on a cool day.

Me: Did you enjoy the walk?   Parrot:  Brrrrr Cold.... That's Terrible!, Terrible!  etc


Unlike the other examples she does not know the meaning of these phrases and just enjoys using them.

F10 One - Two - THREE! Taken from how she gets thrown from my arm to a high perch such as a cupboard top.
F11 Tarrah! Just happy with life and used when she performs an action with style such as jumping on to a cupboard top.
F12 Bombings She learned his from a parrot in the parrot club where the bird did the whistle & the owner did the explosion at the end but Ruby does it all just to show off.
F13 Here we go here we go! When she's about to have serious fun on a swing or similiar
F14 I'm a weapon of mass destruction Believe me she can be
F15 Meeeeoiw Cat impersonation
F16 The Archers theme tune the Archers are long running UK radio series that she listens to and this is variation of the theme tune.
F17 You are cheeky
F18 Youre a chatterbox
F19 Wolf Whistle A Wolf Whistle to be proud of.
F20 MEN!  Something she got from my wife and this is the first time we'd heard it
F21 Cage Time Monster!
F22 Coughs Very good impression
F23 Echo ! Learnt whilst going through long tunnels on the canal
F24 High Four! well you cant teach a bird High five it just wouldn't be right
F25 Laughing
F26 Murder Murder! don't ask!
F27 Tickle - tickle
F77 Is it a Bird?, is it a Plane? No! its super Ruby